What are the accommodations like?

All of the accommodations we provide are up to U.S. and European standards. While in Quito, we will stay at a three-star hotel that is located in the most modern area of Quito. The haciendas offer a chance to experience the beauty of rural Ecuador without sacrificing comfort. The mountain refuges serve the purpose for which they were built: they provide shelter in a harsh climate, but not much more.

How demanding and technical are the climbs?

The climbs are not technical, and are therefore great for beginners who would like to experience the thrill of climbing a glacier. For those who are not experienced in the use of crampons, we will have a mini mountaineering school.
The climbs are demanding, and require one to be in top physical condition. How demanding they are, however, obviously depends on the physical condition of each individual climber.

How does the high altitude affect the body, and can I prepare for it?

Unless you live in an area surrounded by high mountains, the altitude is difficult to prepare for. That is why our itineraries include a gradual acclimatization that permits the body to adjust accordingly. While climbing, it is common for some to suffer minor effects such as headache and nausea. We have experience identifying minor issues from serious ones, and also the experience needed to react accordingly. With that said, we believe that the thrill of being on top of the world and the satisfaction of having set a goal and met it far outweigh any physical ill that might occur in the process.

How big is the group?

The group will be anywhere from four to twelve people or individual groups.

Will you help us prepare?

Absolutely! We will be more than happy to share our experience and give advice to prepare you for an enjoyable stay in Ecuador and successful climb.

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