About the Founders

Henry Moya has over twenty years experience climbing all types of mountains throughout South America. Living in Quito, Ecuador, he is a member of the Ecuador Association of Mountain Guides (ASEGUIM)


Our Beneficiaries

San Vicente Paul Orphanage, Quito, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government provides very little for the care of orphans. Therefore, abandoned children need to rely on the kindness and generosity of private organizations and individuals to avoid becoming street children. San Vicente de Paul is a Catholic-run orphanage located in downtown Quito. It is the home of over 150 children who have been abandoned or removed from their home due to extreme neglect. The majority are awaiting adoption by either Ecuadorean or international families.
A group of nuns administer the facility. They depend on the generosity of organizations such as Heart of the Andes in order to provide for the very basic needs of children. We will visit this orphanage on Day 1 and present any items climbers are invited to bring to the children, such as clothing, shoes, diapers, baby formula, toys, etc.

Henry Davis Foundation, Conocoto, Ecuador

The Henry Davis Foundation is an orphanage that serves approximately 130 children.  The orphanage, located in an area south of the city of Quito, was founded by Henry Davis, a North American missionary, in the 1960s.  The children live in houses in groups of 10-13 with a "house mother."  There is a school on the premises that the children attend, as well as a church and a stable area where the children raise "cueys" (guinea pig) for food and to sell.  The orphanage also has dormitories where climbers will stay the first few days.  This orphanage presents a fantastic opportunity for the climbers to get to know the children and this inspiring organization that their donations benefit.  The Henry Davis Foundation has been praised by local authorities for their ability to raise troubled children and turn them into stable adults.

Carlos Villegas y Virgen de Fatima  Orphanages, La Paz, Bolivia 

Orphans in Bolivia live in extremely difficult conditions; some of the worst conditions on the entire South American continent.  There is very little assistance given by the local authorities, so any help coming non-governmental agencies is incredibly useful. Money raised by Heart of the Andes climbers are given to two worthy organizations: Carlos Villegas Orphanage and Virgen de Fatima Orphanage, both located in the city of La Paz.  As part of the tour, climbers get a chance to visit the orphanages and give extra items such as clothing, shoes, or toys to the children.

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